State Shape Baseball Hat

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Think you live in the best state ever? Represent wherever you call home with this lived-in cap! This non-structured baseball hat is made with a soft cotton fiber, making it feel like it's belonged to you forever.

This hat is the perfect gift for someone who is moving or has recently moved to help them remember home. 

Hat colors:

- Black
- Navy
- Light Grey
- Light Pink
- Gold
- Denim 

- Faded Green
- Faded Black
- Faded Red
- Faded Navy

- Red with Black bill
- Navy with Red bill
- Khaki with Black bill
- Khaki with Red bill
- Red with Navy bill
- White with Red bill
- White with Navy bill
- White with Black bill

- Red
- White
- Black

- Adjustable brass latch on the back of the hat allows for perfect sizing.
- Soft, worn-in feel.
- 100% Cotton hat
- Handwash only
- Felt state shapes are made from a 100% eco-friendly polyester fiber made from recycled plastic bottles.

Hand crafted in Atlanta, GA.

Due to the handmade and custom nature of this item, refunds will not be available.